Inquiring minds want to know!
Published on April 27, 2006 By stutefish In Just Hanging Out

Is it possible for someone to be convinced that they are, say, a woman trapped in a man's body, and be horribly mistaken?

I mean, we know that we don't always have a clear understanding of what's going on in our mind and heart. If we did, we wouldn't need psychotherapists and psychologists.

Anyway, discuss.

on Apr 27, 2006
I think that we are all trapped this way.
on Apr 27, 2006
Thats' an interesting theory, aeryck.

Would you mind talking a little bit more about it? I'd like to know some of the details, especially what experiences have caused you to think this.
on Apr 27, 2006

Deep Question.

I say no.  But there are people who have gender ID problems.  But trapped in another body?  Sorry I dont do Land of the Living dead.

on Apr 27, 2006
I think you can be confused when you are young. You also hate your body alot because there are standards of beauty out there. But to be trapped in the wrong body in regards of gender, I dont know...

I dont know about those who have been through surgery to change their sex. I hope they thought about it thoroughly before going ahead with it. I think when all of a sudden they are confronted to their new body, it could also feel like a big mistake.

Maybe they just want to be accepted by society and think that it's a way. Being effiminate in a female body sounds "NORMAL".

Good question here stutefish.
on Apr 27, 2006
Anything is possible...especially when it comes to how a person is thinking. We will never fully understand how another person thinks, and how they feel. I don't even understand myself sometimes. I think people can have many confusions about themselves as they get older, and have more experiences. Each to their own I guess.
on Apr 27, 2006
I'm a Mr Universe trapped in a Mr Beer Belly body
on May 05, 2006
"Well... sometimes I get the menstrual cramps real hard!"