And then my boys came through for me.
Published on January 20, 2006 By stutefish In Life Journals
So I had another crazy dream last night.

I won't go into all the details. Suffice to say there were dirtbikes, biker gangs, pirates, boats (not at the same time as the pirates), a complicated and life-threatening mission, Lindsay Lohan, and my mom getting on my nerves.

It was a very stupid and aggravating dream-montage, and not just because my mom had a cameo.

I tried several times to get the dream onto a more pleasant track, or at least a more productive track, but had no luck. It was very frustrating.

Then, out of nowhere, Tycho and Gabe, heroes of the Best Webcomic Ever, showed up.

They reviewed the dream so far, agreed that it was unbelievably stupid, and decided just to drop it entirely. Like a comic strip idea that just wasn't working out. No final panel, no feeble punchline. Just some white space, and the two of them congratulating each other on putting this thing out of its misery.

And that was that. The dream ended, and I completed my nightly sleep with no further trouble. The boys from Penny Arcade saved me from the Stupidest Dream Ever.

Tycho and Gabe, I salute you.

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